You have come to this portion of the webstie
because your once great Kodi Box is not
working like it used to and the box is "Buffering" .

It is important for you to understand quite a few things :

1) The developers and the providers for this service
are not getting paid. In Fact --- they are providing
their own money up front to give you what you have.

2) In EVERY case, the providers of the content
which you enjoy, are doing this on their own free
time without receiving a dime from anyone.
Believe it or not, it actually requires a lot of time
and commitment from them to find the sources,
display them in a service which you can search,
and leave their computers on 24/7 for you to use.

And to be honest with you : They are getting
tired of doing it. Because, all they hear is bitching
and complaing from everyone that their service
is less than adequate when they do this for FREE !!
Consequently - their numbers are dropping !

3) Due to the popularity of the the Kodi Environment,
More and more people have a "Firestick".
And thanks to "Youtube",
More and More people are now able to "customize"
their devices themselves and download the
information and utilize it.

And that means :
That there is simply not enough providers for
the signal in relation to the people trying to access it.

The most basic analogy I can give is this :
"You can't use a tablespoon of Peanut Butter
and cover an entire loaf of bread"

A Temporary Fix :

At this point - the best thing you can do to give you
an advantage over the rest of the populous is to do this:

Move your router next to your Box.
Then plug your router using an "Ethernet" Cord
to your "Fire Tv" or Smart Home Device.

Using a direct link via "Ethernet" from your Router to your
home device will definately give you an advantage.

For those of you that have a "FireStick",
sorry but you are S.O.L.

Sorry for any bad information that you
may have read, but this is the reality of it !!