ALSO - Install Malwarebytes AntiMalware Program before you access these channels as it can
stop a virus from slipping through, or cure your computer should a virus get past your Anti-Virus Software !!!

Listed below are websites which contain many Sports Streams.

You may want to print these instructions out before attempting to access the streams.

ALL STREAMS Contain a 45 second advertisement !!!


After you have waited for 45 seconds, it may be necessary to close some of the advertising you see on
the top of the TV screen broadcasting the game.  It's O.K. to do so if you have waited for 45 Seconds !!!
Look for the "Close" Icon or look at the top or bottom corners of the Advertisement for an "X". Then
click the close button or "X" symbol to close the advertisement on top of the Television Broadcast.
Sometimes hitting the "X" or close symbol will still launch another pop-up or window. If this happens, look
down at the task bar and hover your mouse over the new window which has just opened. Then "right-click" your
mouse button and select the "Close Window" Option from the menu. Sorry - but this is as easy as I can make it.

Finally : Follow the directions below so that you do not have additional advertisements appear !!!

In order to prevent additional advertisements from appearing :

Expand the screen AFTER the 45 Seconds by moving your mouse cursor to the
bottom of the broadcast screen and click the expand screen button at the bottom right.
There may be additional advertising on top of this bar. If you can't see the bar, and you have waited the
full 45 seconds, it is O.K. to close the advertising at this point to reveal the control bar and expand the screen.

This is a screen shot and an Example of where to click for full screen:


NOTE : I take no responsibility for the health of your computer should you decide to use these websites !!
I do not nor will I guarantee that these sites will work and be safe to use.  You accept the responsibility for any
harm done to your computer once you click the links below. There should not be any problem if you have read
the information above. But  AGAIN - I do not make any promises guarantees nor do I accept any responsibility for
your decision to proceed further and use these websites. The websites are great if you follow Directions, but it can
cause problems if you do not understand and comprehend how to use these sites. In short - Surf at your own RISK !!!!!


Note : Sometimes one website is better than the other depending on where the stream comes from. Usually the first site is the best. The site you go to may also list different links for the same game. If one stream is not working, try a different link from that site. If none of the links are working then come back to this site, go down the list and try another website. If the stream interrupts repeatedly, make sure that you have the latest flash updates installed or try as an option to use the Firefox Web browser. If that does not solve the problem and you are watching the game in full screen, turn off the full screen option as your computer may not have the hardware to support full screen on a stream access. If you are still having trouble, try checking your system for all available updates. If it is still not working or if you are unhappy with the quality, pay a lot of money and get the broadcast you want from your television provider. This webiste is FREE !!

Best Links Listed Below. The links at the top are the best.
Use At Your Own Risk ! I take no responsibility if you encounter a problem !

(After entering link, Click American Football Tab for NFL Games)
(After entering link, Click American Football Tab for NFL Games)
(This link has the best stream but requires you to have experience closing adverising windows)
(After entering link, Click the "Other" Tab for American Football)